We are here for you at Alafaya Pediatric Dentistry, especially during emergencies.

Avulsed tooth

If your child has a tooth which falls out due to trauma there are a few important steps you must take.

1. If the tooth is a baby tooth, do not replant the tooth. You may call your dentist to determine if your child needs urgent evaluation.

2. If it is a permanent tooth, very gently rinse the tooth to remove debris and replant in the socket. Call your dentist immediately as your child will need to be seen urgently.

3. If the tooth is permanent and cannot be replanted, place in Hanks balanced solution or milk. If you do not have these, your child may spit in a cup and place the tooth in the spit. Do not place in water or any other liquid.

Loose tooth due to trauma

If the tooth that was injured is a baby tooth and it is not causing the patient to be unable to bite, urgent treatment may not be needed.

If the tooth is permanent, call your dentist as urgent treatment is needed.

Fractured tooth

If the tooth is fractured and there is no bleeding from the inside of the tooth, urgent treatment may not be needed. If there is bleeding from inside the tooth, dentist evaluation is needed. If the fractured piece of the tooth can be found, it is helpful to bring the piece to the dentist as it may be possible to reattach.


Dr. Aliotti is able to reposition and splint permanent avulsed or loose teeth.

If you have a dental emergency, contact us immediately at (407) 815-5543.