Types of Crowns

For baby teeth, there are 3 types of crowns which we can provide: stainless steel, composite resin, and white zirconium. If your child needs a crown, a mutual decision will be made as there are pros and cons for each restoration type.

Hall Crowns

Hall crowns are stainless steel crowns which are placed on baby molars which have cavities without the use of numbing or drilling. For the procedure, if the teeth are tight, a small elastic rubber band is placed between the teeth and allowed to remain for 1-3 days. Then, silver diamine fluoride is placed in the cavity to kill the bacteria. A stainless steel crown is fitted and cemented over the tooth. This crown prevents any sugars from entering the cavity which prevents regrowth of bacteria. Hall crowns are usually placed for patients who are either very young or very anxious and are unable to tolerate traditional dentistry procedures. The Hall crown technique is only possible with the stainless steel crowns as they are very thin and flexible to fit over the tooth.

Crowns may be recommended for many reasons. They play an important role in dental health. If your child is in need of a crown, please contact our office today.